sketchometry 1.4.0

Version 1.4.0 is available!


A few days ago we released sketchometry version 1.4.0. We are very proud that sketchometry is now also available in Greek, the language of the founders of Geometry.

A new feature is that one can create mirror images of lines, circles, curves and polygons directly with the mirror gesture.

Another visible change is we adapted the measuring notation to the German curriculum, e.g. the length of the segment defined by the points A and B is now displayed as |AB|.

Starting with this version, the amount of constructions that can be stored in sketchometry is limited only by the disk size of the device.

Besides the usual bug fixes, another new feature is that sketchometry is now PWA-ready (PWA: progressive web app). For the time being, this means:

  • If sketchometry is started online at with an Android device, the user is asked if sketchometry should be stored locally. If the answer is yes, the stored copy of sketchometry has the same features as the sketchometry app from the Google Play Store, e.g. can be used offline.
  • With Google Chrome on Windows / OS X / Linux the user may also store a local offline-copy by clicking on install sketchometry in Settings.
  • Microsoft and Apple announced they will adopt PWAs in the future.

Enjoy sketchometry!

The sketchometry-Team