sketchometry 1.2.8

Version 1.2.8 is available!


Version 1.2.8 is mostly a bug fix release. In particular, the latest versions of the Internet Explorer and Edge refused to handle touch input in sketchometry.

Further, we are very happy that sketchometry is now available in Arabic.

There is a small change in the input language for texts and function plots. Starting with this release, function names consisting of more than one letter are spelled with lower letters, only.

Here is a list of available functions:

Name Description
cos(x) Cosine of x
cosh(x) Hyperbolic cosine of x
pow(e, b) b to the power of e
log(x), ln(x) Natural logarithm
log(x, b) Logarithm to base b
log2(x), lb(x) Logarithm to base 2
log10(x), ld(x) Logarithm to base 10
tan(x) Tangent of x
sqrt(x) Square root of x
ceil(x) Get smallest integer n with n > x
abs(x) Absolute value of x
max(a, b, c, …) Maximum value of all given values
min(a, b, c, …) Minimum value of all given values
exp(x) EULER e to the x
atan2(y, x) Returns the arctangent of the quotient of its arguments
random(max = 1) Generate a random number between 0 and max
round(v) Returns the value of a number rounded to the nearest integer
floor(x) Returns the biggest integer n with n < x
asin(x) Arcsine of x
acos(x) Arccosine of x
atan(x) Arctangent of x
sin(x) Sine of x
sinh(x) Hyperbolic sine of x
factorial(n) Calculates factorial n!
trunc(v, p = 0) Truncate v after the p-th decimal
D(f(x)), D(f(t),t) Derivative of the function f of x (x is the default variable name)
V(s) Returns the value of the given element, e.g. sliders and angles
L(s) Calculates the length of the given segment
X(P) Y(P) Returns the x resp. y coordinate of the given point
dist(P, Q) Compute the distance of two points
deg(A, B, C) Calculate the angle of three points in degree
rad(A, B, C) Calculate the angle of three points in rad

Enjoy sketchometry!

The sketchometry-Team


Most important changes:

  • Add symbolic derivatives code
  • New language: arabic
  • Disable autocomplete in text fields
  • New font family: system fonts
  • Bug fix: Microsoft touch devices
  • Bug fix: snaptopoints
  • Bug fix: input language for texts and function plots is now JessieCode
  • Bug fix: digits