sketchometry 1.2.7

Version 1.2.7 is available!


The most notable new feature in version 1.2.7 are symbolic derivatives for function plots. For example, the input

D(x^3, x)

will plot the function graph of f(x) = 3*x^2 - as expected.

Further, this release fixes some bugs. For instance, checkboxes in the properties dialog should work now as expected.

Enjoy sketchometry!

The sketchometry-Team


Most important changes:

  • Function plotting: enable symbolic derivatives via D(function term)
  • Set midpoint and intersection coordinates to readonly
  • Remove = for point measurements
  • Much improved pinch-to-zoom and pan (delegated JSXGraph)
  • Bug fix: checkbox handling in properties dialog (e.g. trace)
  • Bug fix: select function term in function plot dialog
  • Bug fix: simplified math input
  • Bug fix: help window opens in browser - not in app
  • Disable anti-derivatives in function plot dialog (for the moment)
  • Disable handwriting recognition in function plot dialog