sketchometry 1.2.4

Version 1.2.4 available!


Version 1.2.4 comes with the new languages Czech, Norsk, Suomi, and Traditional Chinese. It improves stroke recognition, zooming and audio support. Further, the user interface has been slightly simplified. The most important bug fixes are: cloud support and check boxes in the property dialog.

Enjoy sketchometry!

The sketchometry-Team


Most important changes:

  • New languages: Czech, Norsk, Suomi, Traditional Chinese
  • Improved stroke recognition
  • Bug fix: audio
  • Bug fix: check boxes in property dialog
  • Bug fix: cloud support
  • Bug fix: orientation change of device
  • Use click sound on variuos buttons
  • Improved audio support
  • Improved zooming
  • Exit property dialog after clearing traces
  • Allow floating point values as interval borders.
  • Interval borders may be changed later on now
  • Restructured property dialog
  • Remove property “axis scale”