sketchometry 1.2.0

Today we released sketchometry version 1.2.0, which brings some new features and important bug fixes.


New features

  • Enable embedding of sketchometry in web pages as iframe. This will be explained in a separate blog post, see /news/2015/06/10/embed/index.html
  • Angles in triangles are by default inner angles (non-reflex angles)
  • Faster access to board properties (via button properties) in a dedicated toolbar
  • Introduction of a fourth mode: if drag mode and construction mode are both off, a hand symbol is shown which can be dragged around. This is a useful feature when showing and explaining a construction in class room via Apple TV or Chromecast.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • sketchometry can be used now with Chrome or Firefox on touch device running with Windows.
  • sketchometry runs in Midori
  • Better zooming behaviour
  • Saving and loading of constructions works across different window sizes
  • Cloud support of Android app
  • Reduce size of sketchometry app by factor two
  • Prevent the construction of points when dragging sliders

As always, version 1.2.0 is already available on and on Chrome Web Store. The other app versions (iOS, Android, firefox OS) will follow soon.

Enjoy, the sketchometry team