sketchometry 1.1.8

Today we released sketchometry version 1.1.8.

The most notable new features are:

  • Support of shortened math syntax for plots and texts. That means, a term of the form 3x (instead of 3*x) is accepted.
  • Export / import of constructions via file menu (except on iOS devices).
  • For administrators who use sketchometry on their own web servers: In the main folder there is now a global configuration file config.js. In this file it can be controlled which cloud services are available to the users. More options may follow.
  • Beginning support for vectors: a vector can be constructed by drawing an arrow without touching existing points.
  • Beginning support for RTL languages (not yet working).

Release 1.1.8 fixes some annoying bugs:

  • sketchometry crashed when a largely zoomed construction was reopened
  • ruler of length zero resulted in a crash
  • it was not possible to use ‘ and “ are in texts

At the time being, version 1.1.8 is available on and on Chrome Web Store. The other app versions (iOS, Android, firefox OS) will follow soon.

Enjoy, Alfred