sketchometry 1.1.3

Last week we released sketchometry version 1.1.3 in all versions: web page, iOS app, Android app and FirefoxOS app. The iOS app has been approved by Apple now and is available for updating.

This release fixes two annoying bugs on iOS: in iOS7 sketchometry crashed when the touch keyboard was used, in iOS 8 the status bar covered sketchometry.

The most notable new feature that has been introduced in this release is that texts are now editable in the property dialog.

Languages: sketchometry has new volunteers to translate the user interface. The new languages are Japanese, Russian, Serbian and Ukrainian. Some translations are not be complete yet, but already now, many thanks go to the translators for their excellent work!

One word about the version numbering: We went from 1.0.1 directly to 1.1.2 and now to 1.1.3 to synchronise the version numbers on all platforms.

Enjoy, Alfred