sketchometry on the Tablet

sketchometry - Tablet

Use sketchometry directly on the tablet. You can spontaneously create sketches, then manipulate them interactively, while preserving mathematical relationships. This dynamic interaction gives you the power to explore, to conjecture, to analyze, to understand.

Student Perspective

sketchometry is an innovative tool for mathematics lessons. Sketch your ideas with your finger on the tablet. sketchometry automatically creates interactive constructions. Discover geometrical relationships, check conjectures and write down your findings in your study journal.

sketchometry - Tablet

Examine angles on parallel lines intersected by a straight line. First mark the angles.

Parallel lines - angle gesture Parallel Straight - Angle Parallel lines - angular gesture Parallel Straight - Angle

Then measure the angles by simply tapping them and check your conjecture.

Parallel lines - angle measurement

Find vertical angles, linear pair of angles, corresponding angles, alternate interior angles, …

We use sketchometry like a pocket calculator - switch on and here we go!

Teacher Perspective

You use sketchometry directly in the classroom. After switching on the tablet sketchometry is immediately available as a sketching tool. Thus you can use sketchometry for short explorations during the mathematics lesson.

Using a data-projector, students can observe and analyze interactive constructions in the classroom.

Screen Transmission - Wired

The screen content of the tablet is transmitted to the projector. Some tablets have an HDMI port that connects the tablet to the projector by cable.


A VGA adapter may be required here. Some manufacturers offer proprietary adapters. Of course the application of the tablet in the classroom is limited by the cable.

Wireless Screen Transmission

A wireless image transmission is more convenient. For this purpose a receiver (e.g. AppleTV, Chromecast, Miracast) is usually connected to the projector (HDMI connection). Then the tablet wirelessly transmits the data to the receiver.

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Thus the screen content of the tablet can comfortably be presented to the whole class. The teacher can freely circulate in the classroom, not hampered by a cable. There also is the possibility to show the content of the tablet screen of individual students.