sketchometry on the Smartphone

sketchometry - Smartphone

Dynamic mathematics software always at your fingertips! sketchometry runs on your smartphone as an app. You can easily create and manipulate constructions and save them in the cloud. Whether in the classroom, at home or wherever, sketchometry is always your companion.

Small, but oh my!

Many interactive constructions can also be created on small screens.

sketchometry - Smartphone - Example sketchometry - Smartphone - Example sketchometry - Smartphone - Example

The toolbar is optimized for smartphone screens. Students use the familiar icons:

Bring your Own Device (BYOD)

Students extremly seldom forget their smartphones. So sketchometry is always available. Even if there is no set of class tablets available, many teachers use sketchometry with the help of the students’ smartphones.

The smartphone is consciously used as a learning tool. Hence the own constructions are also available at home.