sketchometry - Smartphone

Install the sketchometry app (version 1.5.2) directly on your tablet or smartphone:

sketchometry for Android

sketchometry for iOS

sketchometry for Windows

The Android version can be installed directly:

sketchometry.apk (1.4.4)

Online (Browser)

sketchometry - Smartphone

Use sketchometry directly in your browser on a tablet, computer, or smartphone. Your constructions can easily be saved in the cloud.

Start sketchometry directly (platform-independent)


sketchometry - Smartphone

sketchometry for Chrome OS

sketchometry for Windows 8.1+


sketchometry - Smartphone

It is not necessary to install sketchometry. Extract the archive on your USB stick. Then open the file index.html in the sketchometry directory. Now you can use sketchometry in your browser. 1.5.2 [0.9 MB]

General Instructions

sketchometry is free of charge. The software can be used both at school and at home without limitation. Commercial use is only permitted with authorization. Contact data can be found in the imprint.