The sketchometry User Interface

Starting sketchometry opens a new board. You can start constructing immediately.

sketchometry - Board

Draw lines, circles or triangles on the board with your finger or mouse. sketchometry recognizes these objects automatically.

The optimized interface for smartphones makes it easier to work on small screens.

sketchometry - Smartphone - Example sketchometry - Smartphone - Example sketchometry - Smartphone - Example

Construct and Drag (Move)

To be able to construct with sketchometry, you must activate the Construct (construction mode) button in the menu bar:

Activate the button Drag (drag mode) to move free points or to move or rotate straight lines:

Drag and Construct are independently selectable.

Undo and Restore

In the menu bar you will find the buttons Undo and Redo.


Delete, Hide, Measure

Activate the Delete or Hide buttons and you can remove or hide objects by simply tapping or clicking them.


To perform measurements, activate the Measure button.

For example, mark a line and then tap the drawing area. The measurement appears.

Object Properties

Activate the Properties button.

Select an object.

sketchometry - properties

A dialog window appears in which you can change the properties of the object.

sketchometry - GUI

The Gallery button in the menu bar takes you back to the gallery of sketchometry, where all your constructions can be found.